FMS II: Varieties of Science Narrative

Volkswagen Foundation funds new projects for Fiction Meets Science! DOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS AVAILABLE!

The new projects will focus on narratives that explore and reflect the global dimensions and diverse regional contexts of science. Here we also expand our purview beyond literary fiction to take a comparative look at science narratives in a variety of media and forms of fiction and non-fiction, such as feature film and TV series, theater, documentary and print journalism.

PhD Positions: Call for Applicants

The positions are based at the cooperating FMS universities and institutions, all located within an hour of each other in northwestern Germany. Applicants should have backgrounds in sociology, literature studies, cultural studies, STS, media and communication studies, environmental studies, Asian studies, or a related field.

1. Narrating Science as a World-making Activity

Students interested in an international perspective on science in society are invited to apply for a doctoral fellowship in an interdisciplinary project that examines the roles of different kinds of narratives (fictional and factual) about climate change in the political and policy-making spheres, with a focus on Southeast Asia.

Advisor: Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Professor for Social Sciences in the Marine Tropics at the University of Bremen and the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (Development and Knowledge Sociology working group).

Deadline: 10 April 2018

Details and official call for applications.

2.  Science in Post-colonial Speculative Fiction: Nature/Politics/Economies Reimagined

This project examines the contemporary rise of utopian/dystopian postcolonial speculative fiction and asks how a focus on the “Global South” is influencing imaginings of future societies and the role of science at the nexus of nature, politics, and economics. Research will consider how cultural products that imagine future societies can be read as social critique and related to sociological knowledge. Project language is English; knowledge of German would be a welcome asset, but is not required. 

Advisor: Sina Farzin, Assistant Professor for Social Theory in the Institute for Sociology at the University of Hamburg and a co-director of Fiction Meets Science.

Deadline: 10 April 2018

Details and official call for applications

3. Transcultural Mobility of Scientists and Science in the Contemporary Anglophone Science Novel

Students interested in the Anglophone science novel and the global dimensions of science are invited to apply for a doctoral research fellowship in English Literatures.

Advisor: Anton Kirchhofer, Professor of English Literature in the Institute for British and American Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Oldenburg and a co-director of Fiction Meets Science.

Deadline: 11 April 2018

Details and official call for applications