October 2015 Meeting

30 Oct 2015, 04:00 AM – 07:00 PM
University of Bremen, GW2 A3570 (FB 10 FBR)
Discussing fiction about science with science communication scholars and practitioners: nomenclature and the reality/authenticity/plausibility in fiction issue revisited, this time with a pragmatic spin.

Discussion Themes: Peter Weingart will start us off with a summary of current concerns and trends in the science communication community, and, specifically, how the various nomenclature is being used—e.g. science communication, science popularization, understanding of science etc. We’ll make an attempt at figuring out what nomenclature we might effectively use to talk about  fiction to this community of scholars, i.e. how to bring across the aspects of the new fiction about science that might (or should) interest them and avoid misunderstanding. We expect this to lead us directly back into our discussion of reality/authenticity/plausibility in fiction, this time with a pragmatic spin.