The Chemical Detective

Author Erskine, Fiona
Year 2019
First published 2019
Publisher Maryland: Point Blank
Number of pages 426
ISBN 9781786074928
Keywords crime, earth sciences, thriller, female scientist, chemistry, risk to society (role of science), scientific ethics, scientists' social responsibility, women in science, scientist main character, U.K., Continental Europe


Dr Jaqueline Silver blows things up to keep people safe. While working on avalanche control in the Julian Alps, she stumbles across a mix-up in a consignment of explosives. After raising a complaint with the supplier, Zagrovyl – a multinational chemical company and her ex-employer, the evidence disappears. She is warned, threatened, accused of professional incompetence and finally suspended. Taking her complaint to the Zagrovyl head office in Teesside, she narrowly escapes death only to be framed for murder. Escaping from police custody, she sets out to track down her predecessor at Snow Science, a Ukrainian engineer who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. From the snowy slopes of Slovenia, to the wreckage of Chernobyl, Jaq must fight for her innocence, and expose the truth. (author’s website)