Lovesong of the Electric Bear

Author Wilson, Snoo
Year 2005


Kasmana:This play about Alan Turing, told from the point of view of Porgy, his teddy bear, was produced as part of the Summer 2005 season at the Potomac Theater Project in Maryland. Turing certainly had both a brilliant mathematical career and a tragic biography, which makes him a frequent topic for works of mathematical fiction. (See this list of other works of mathematical fiction featuring him as a character.) But, you must admit that the idea of having an actress portray his favorite stuffed animal, following him through his life until the moment of his suicide is, if nothing else, original. I have not seen it, but the reviews suggest that the play is not as insipid as the one-line summary above might lead you to believe. In fact, it appears that through this unusual plot device, Wilson has been able to create yet another worthwhile fictional exploration of the life of Alan Turing.