Open Positions in FMS II Projects

Apply now for a fully funded Ph.D. or Post-doc position in the Varieties of Science Narrative Project

These projects  focus on narratives that explore and reflect the global dimensions and diverse regional contexts of science. Here we also expand our purview beyond literary fiction to include science narratives in a variety of media and forms of fiction and non-fiction, such as feature film and TV series, theater, documentary and print journalism.

Postdoctoral Project: Science on TV: Forms and Functions of Representing Science and the Scientist in the “Golden Age of Television”

For the legally binding official call for applications (in German) see

Ph.D. Project: Narrating Science as a World-Making Activity: Sea-level Rise in Singapore

Using the small, vulnerable state of Singapore as a case study, this project examines if and how narratives about climate change and sea level rise from the arts, popular culture, and science journalism enter into political discourses and policy-making. Singapore was chosen for the case study because of its relatively small policy sphere and acute problem with sea level rise, but candidates are welcome to suggest a different regional emphasis that may fit better with their experience.

Requires Master’s degree in relevant field of social sciences, such as Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Area Studies, Human Geography, Development, Gender and/or Science & Technology Studies; empirical, qualitative, or ethnographic research experience; mobility within Germany and interest in doing long-term field research in the selected study region (local language skills would be a plus); advanced written and oral communication skills in English; effective interpersonal communication skills including ability to work in a team.

This is a fully-funded 3-year position based in Bonn and Bremen. To learn more about institutional affiliation and timing of the project, send an expression of interest to project leader Anna Hornidge.