Professor Roslynn Haynes

Roslynn Haynes is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. She holds degrees in biochemistry and literature and has long been interested in the interface and cross-influences between science, literature, art, and landscapes. Her monographs include From Faust to Strangelove: Representations of the Scientist in Western Literature (Johns Hopkins Univ.. Press, 1994), Seeking the Centre: The Australian Desert in Literature, Art and Film (Cambridge University Press, 1998), Tasmanian Visions: Landscapes in Writing Art and Photography (Polymath Press 2006) and Desert: Nature and Culture (Reaktion Press, 2013). She is Honorary Associate Professor in the School of the Arts and Media, University of New South Wales, Honorary Fellow of the School of Humanities, University of Tasmania, and FMS Visiting Fellow at the University of Bremen and the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg.