Brazzaville Beach

Author Boyd, William
Year 1990
First published 1990
Publisher London: Sinclair-Stevenson
Number of pages 314
Edition First UK hardback
ISBN 9781856190268
Keywords biology, mathematics, zoology, scientific ethics, scientist main character, female scientist, FMS Library Book

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Hope Clearwater lives alone in a beach house in an unnamed African country, trying to patch together her shattered life. An ecologist, she had come to Africa to participate in primate research and to heal the deep wounds of her marriage to a brilliant English mathematician; but she soon found herself plunged into another crisis, one that threatened not only her career but also her life. In a book packed with scientific and mathematical metaphors, Boyd explores how people create, defend, ignore, or subvert the belief systems that govern their lives. If on one level this is an intellectual thriller, on another it is very much an exciting and riveting adventure story, and on yet another a subtle examination of the power grid of personal relationships. (Booklist 1991)


Publication History
Recent Edition
Jan. 1, 2010, Penguin Boods Ltd, Paperback, ISBN 9780141044194

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James Tait Black Memorial Prize, 1990
McVitie's Prize for Scottish Writer of the Year