Carbon Dreams

Author Gaines, Susan M.
Year 2001
First published 2001
Publisher Berkeley: Creative Arts Book Company
Number of pages 351
Edition First US trade paperback
ISBN 9780887393068
Keywords chemistry, scientist main character, women in science, climate change, earth sciences, academic science, commercial science, marine sciences, female scientist, literary or mainstream

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Geochemist Tina Arenas studies climates of the distant geologic past—but her data has unexpectedly modern implications. Thrust into the nascent controversy over global warming at a time when American scientists had just begun to find themselves in the media spotlight, Tina juggles the demands of basic and applied science, vocation and career—and love—while struggling to sort out her conflicting responsibilities to science and society. Carbon Dreams takes us deep into the mind and heart of a young geochemist, where scientific curiosity, wonder, visualization, and uncertainty are center stage. (FMS Gaines)


Publication history: First Edition: 2001 US trade paperback. No other editions to date.