Flight Behavior

Author Kingsolver, Barbara
Year 2012
First published 2012
Publisher New York: HarperCollins
Number of pages 448
Edition First US Hardcover
ISBN 9780062124265
Keywords climate change, zoology, biology, entomology, arthropodology, FMS Library Book

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Delia Turnbow is a young mother of two whose formal education ended when she became pregnant and married her teenaged lover. She lives in poverty with her family on her father-in-law’s farm in the Appalachian mountains, near the isolated rural community of Feathertown. When she wanders into a forest that is suffused in a strange orange flame, she thinks it is a private miracle. But when her father-in-law makes plans to log the forest to pay off his farm equipment debts, and a charismatic entomologist shows up from another world to study the phenomenon, the miracle takes on very public dimensions. As religious, economic and political interests vie to exploit the so-called miracle and the residents of Feathertown establish their claims, Delia and her young son forge a friendship with the entomologist and taste the bittersweet fruit of scientific curiosity and understanding for the first time. This is a compelling and beautifully written story by one of the of the most popular “literary” novelists in the U.S, though her “preachy” messages may be a bit too thinly disguised for some critics.(Gaines FMS)