Author Lord, Nancy
Year 2017
First published 2017
Publisher Portland: WestWinds Press
Edition 1st US hardback
ISBN 9781513260709
Keywords marine sciences, climate change, habitat at risk, scientific ethics, scientists' social responsibility, literary or mainstream


When marine biologist Ray Berringer and his student crew embark on an oceanographic cruise in the Gulf of Alaska, the waters are troubled in more ways than one. Ray's co-leader, a famed chemist, is abandoning ship just as the ocean's pH is becoming a major concern. Something at their university is corrosive, and it's going to take more than science to correct. Powerful bonds are forged among offbeat characters studying the effects of ocean acidification on pteropods, a tiny, keystone species.  (Publisher)


Publication History
Other first editions: US paperback, 2017,  Westwinds Press, ISBN 978-1513260685