The Other Einstein

Author Benedict, Marie
Year 2016
First published 2016
Publisher Illinois: Sourcebooks Landmark
Number of pages 310
Edition First US Paperback
ISBN 9781492647584
Keywords physics, women in science, literary or mainstream, historical, female scientist, scientist main character, Continental Europe, FMS Library Book


Albert Einstein may not have been the only mastermind behind his groundbreaking ideas about relativity; it turns out the renowned theoretical physicist collaborated a great deal with his first wife, Mileva Maric´—a Serbian woman of modest means who was one of the few women to study math and science at the Zurich Polytechnic School where the two meet. In her compelling novel, Benedict shows how Mileva transforms from a sheltered girl into a personally and professionally fulfilled young woman as she meets other educated women like her in the Swiss boarding house near her school and, through her new acquaintance Albert Einstein, engages in theoretical discussions with male colleagues during which her intelligence is both admired and supported. (Publishers Weekly)