Riot at the Calc Exam and Other Mathematically Bent Stories

Author Adams, Colin
Year 2009
First published 2009
Publisher Providence: American Mathematical Society
Number of pages 271


Finally, a collection of hilarious mathematical stories by Colin Adams! Most of these stories were previously published in his Mathematically Bent column in the Mathematical Intelligencer. Only one is new, but I'm very pleased to see that this book is available because Colin Adams is the funniest mathematician I know ... or at least he would be if I knew him.I am not listing each of these stories separately on the website. In part, this is because some of them really do not quite qualify as 'fiction' as I've narrowly defined that term for these purposes. Many of them, instead, are really just drawn out mathematical jokes. But, even those are worth reading. With his 'bent' look at the subject we study and the academic environment in which we work, Adams' writings are sure to simultaneously entertain and inform readers from any background with even a passing interest in mathematics. (Alex Kasman, “MathFiction” database)


Short Stories/Humour