The Heart Specialist

Author Holden Rothman, Claire
Year 2009
Publisher Toronto, Canada: Cormorant Books
Number of pages 328
Edition Paperback Edition
ISBN 9781897151211
Keywords medicine (biomedical research), women in science, biographical (fiction or non-fiction), female scientist, scientist main character, USA or Canada


Inspired by the life of Doctor Maude Elizabeth Seymour Abbott, The Heart Specialist is the story of an ambitious woman pursuing her dream at the dawn of the twentieth century. Agnes is stripped of a regular childhood when her father is accused of a horrific crime and abandons the family. Never considered ladylike, she is drawn to the "wrong" things, such as microscopes, anatomy, and dissection, that lead to her finding her calling as a doctor. Yet despite a rapid rise to stardom in the medical community, she soon finds herself up against the same glass ceiling faced by women in her field. Set against the backdrop of conflict and upheaval permeating the early 1900s, The Heart Specialist is a testament to one woman's triumph in the face of adversity. (Amazon)