Legacy of Light

Author Zacarías, Karen
Year 2009


Kasmana:Two tales of discovery and pregnancy are told in this play. An astrophysicist at the Newton Institute whose team has discovered evidence of a planet in formation feels that she is too old to be pregnant and so hires a woman to be surrogate mother to her child. Intertwined with this modern tale we see the true story of Émilie du Châtelet, whose promising career as a mathematical physicist in the 18th century was tragically cut short by complications from a pregnancy at the age of 42.Between the tragic death of a mathematically talented female and the parallel modern and historical plotlines, this play is sure to draw comparisons to Arcadia. I have not actually seen Legacy of Light, but from the reviews I have read I gather that it does not compare well either from a literary or a mathematical perspective. I look forward to having a chance to judge that for myself, someday, and would also appreciate comments from anyone who has seen it.